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The only things that really cost me were the contact cement.Cat trees provide a great place for your cats to hang out, sleep and play.

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After liberally applying the glue, roll your carpet swatch into a tight cylinder (fuzzy side inward) and slide it into the opening at one end.

Great for multi-cat homes, your favorite felines will love to climb up this nearly six foot tall tower onto each of its extra-long branches, perfect for a cat nap.

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It provides the cat with needed exercise and stimulation,your cat could jump, sleep, scrabble, play on the cat tower.

Then, build a sturdy 24 inch square for the base of your tree and cover it with carpet.

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Modern cat trees have a more stylish look than traditional carpet or faux fur cat trees.After you buy your materials, cut them to the appropriate size according to your design by using a handsaw for dimensional lumber, or a circular saw for plywood.

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Use Our Professional Plans to Build Your Own Custom Cat Tree.

When a cat has access to the outdoors, you may see evidence of its scratching on trees, fence posts, sheds, and wooden gates.With the access holes cut, it is possible to spread carpet glue over the entire inside of the column.

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Things to consider in your design: Keep in mind that it will be more comfortable for the cat if they can access the levels in stair-step fashion.

Your cat cannot take herself downtown for a manicure special.This is the second cat tree I built using mostly materials I got for free, had leftover from other projects or bought at a discount.

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Paw Paw Tree is a unique and treasured addition to any cat-lovers house.If you are looking for an interesting proposal to play for your cat, this is made on the basis of wood and cardboard cat tree is a great solution.

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The Catalpa replaces the embarrassing carpeted cat tree with a stunning design to please you and your cat.CARPETING GUIDE A carpeting guide is included for each cat tree plan to show you how to carpet a cat tree.Made with cheap carpet in boring colors and designs, they are not caught up with modern cat owners.

To start your cat tree, purchase the wood for your design, screws or glue to assemble the pieces, and carpet to cover the tree.Cat towers will make it seem like furry feline is on an adventure as he or she tunnels, climbs, and leaps.Owning a cat tree house usually means that you own a very active cat.These cat trees are completely covered with carpet and I use my Champ Stick 400 Glue Gun to glue all the carpet onto the wood.Instead of throwing away a cat tree with damaged carpet, do the wallet- and eco-friendly thing by simply replacing the carpet.

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I probably use 3 to 4 pounds of the clear glue sticks on each cat tree to make sure the carpet is secure.Give your cat someplace to rest and play with this 37-inch cat tree scratching post.